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A written instrument that conveys title to real property from one person or entity (grantor) to another (grantee).
An auction held by the county or municipality to sell a tax deed on a property which has an owner who is in default on the property taxes due and/or on a property which now has an expired redemption period.
Limitations in the deed to a property that dictate or prohibit certain uses of the property.
When State Controller conveys a deed to the property to the state after the specified amount of delinquent taxes remain unpaid by the property owner.
Failure to perform a duty or promise such as pay property taxes or mortgage payment.
The number assigned by the county to a property after the first year of taxes are not paid on the property thus resulting in the property being in default.
A list published annually of all real property declared in default by the tax collector
The unpaid taxes remaining after the due date. Penalties and interest charges accrue on delinquent taxes.


When the construction of improvement of any kind (a wall, fence, building, etc) is partly of completely on the property of another.
The value of a property minus the loan owed on the property. For Example you owe $200,000 on your home and it has a market value of $350,000, then your equity in the property is $150,000.
Amount of money remaining after all back taxes, liens, penalties and charges have been paid. See Overages.


The amount a property is worth on the open market compared to other properties of like size and condition.
A lien attached to a property for non-payment of federal taxes - income tax, estate tax, etc.
Improvements to a property which cannot be removed without changing the quality of the property. For example: Plumbing or other such improvements normally permanently attached to a property.
Ownership of a property without any liens or other encumbrances. When you acquire title to a tax deed you do Free and Clear of any other liens.

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