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Wealth Is Not For Everyone

Wealth Is Not For Everyone

Nov 20, 2017

Daily I see and hear people, especially politicians, talking about financial equality.  First of all what is financial equality? And secondly, there is no such thing, regardless of what may be the answer.  The reality is that wealth is not for everyone.

Before you have a hissy, first listen to the facts and then decide.

Money has a powerful feature which most people cannot understand, appreciate or enjoy.  That power is that money must always be moving, always working, and the more it can move and the more it can work the better it feels and the more powerful it becomes.

Money creates jobs, builds factories and buildings, pays bills, affords freedom and provides power.  When you lock it up, it withers and loses its strength.  Think of it like a bodybuilder.  When that body builder is lifting weights he is getting bigger and stronger; however, when that lifter stops lifting the muscles begin to atrophy, and the longer the layoff the weaker the muscles become.

The Cardinal Rule of Money tells us that money is always working. Now take someone who is afraid of allowing their money to work, someone who locks up money in a cage and is ecstatic to earn 1% in a CD or 3-10% in a 401K, if he/she is lucky.  That is like the bodybuilder curling a 10lb dumbbell and he considers that a sufficient workout while training for the Mr. Universe contest.

Will Rogers once said, “I am more concerned with the return of my money than I am with the return on my money.” That is an appropriate statement when giving your money to someone else to manage for you, but when you take it upon yourself to learn a very simple approach to making your money work then Will Roger’s sentiment is absolutely the worst attitude to have in your life.

I truly believe that those who do not know how to work and manage their own money should not be complaining about those who have “too much” money.  Most people who have “too much” money have earned the right to have and control that much money.  They were not afraid to work that money and make it do what it naturally is intended to do – grow and build wealth for its owner. That is like a couch potato complaining about the muscularity of a bodybuilder – and worse yet that it is unfair that he, the couch potato, does not have that kind of muscle build. He demands muscle and strength equality.

I have run across people who told me they do not have the patience or temperament to manage their own money.  Upon further probing it became abundantly clear that the main issue was fear.  Yes, many people are afraid of managing money.  Many people know how to hold a job and generate money, but very few have the emotional power to manage their money.  What is most disturbing are those who think that they are sophisticated and cool because they have a money manager, 401K or some other form of investment, where others manage their money.

The reality is that everyone can learn how to manage their own money.  It is simple, but they are victims of the news and the myriad of scary stories which loom about that scare them and tell them that they are not smart enough to manage their own money.  What you are in that situation is a victim. A victim of someone (or an industry) which is a convincing smooth talker as it plays on your fears.

The best way to overcome the fear is to take control of your emotional state and become determined to succeed.  As for future generations, the best way to eliminate that fear is to teach our children from a young age how to manage money and how to budget.  Teach them to plan for purchases.  Teach them about lending, borrowing and interest. Teach them about real estate, about the stock market, and most importantly, teach them about the Cardinal Rule of Money.

The stock market, specifically stock options, is the best way to teach our children, and ourselves, how to make money in a simple and consistent manner. It is the simplest way to build wealth. It is the simplest way to ensure financial independence whether or not you have a job.  It is the surest way to control your own economy regardless of the outside economic environment.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become wealthy, although not everyone has the ability to do so.  That ability is only hindered by the individual who is afraid, or too lazy, to get up and build the wealth which awaits everyone who is willing to put forth the effort.

Now, you tell me, do you know anyone who likes to complain about not having enough money to pay bills or enough to retire instead of going out there and doing something about the problem?

Over the years I have offered, at no cost, to teach my trading system to more than 50 people and only 10 people have ever taken me up on my offer.  Of the ten, only three are managing their own money.  Sadly enough, when I see those who did not learn or those who learned but are not trading, I see that they are still complaining about their finances. I stopped offering to teach at no cost.  I get much better results when people make an investment in their wealth building education, because they are driven to change and improve their wealth and their family’s financial situation.

Now, do you still think that wealth is for everyone?  I think wealth is for those who embrace it and do not fear it.  You decide which one you want to be, the complainer or the wealth builder.

The best way to make money in any environment is to follow the CARDINAL RULE of MONEY and make your money work for you.

God Bless and remember…
                   Prosperity is the name of the game…
                                     Get started…Create Your Own Economy and
                                                                                         MAKE IT AND KEEP IT!!!!


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