Make Your Money Work For You

The Money Dance

The Money Dance

Jul 31, 2017

Everyone talks about money, need money, want money, gotta have money, money is necessary, money makes the world go round and then everyone rushes out to get a JOB.  A job will satisfy some of those money issues above, but none will make you wealthy.  Some jobs may make you rich, but you better not stop working or the riches will stop flowing.

The money dance is very tiring and it can go on well into your 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s.  What most people, in fact 99% of the people, do not understand is that you choose the music and you choose the dance, and my friends the JOB dance is not the right choice.  Don’t get me wrong jobs are good and necessary, even for those who want to choose the wealth building money dance.  After all, most of the wealth building capital begins by earning a wage from a job.  So if you have a job by all means keep it, if you want a job, by all means go and get it.  If you want to start your own business, already own a business, already trying to find the beat for the wealth building dance, please do not stop.  I am here to encourage you to become wealth builders.

Most of the people in your life who tell you that you cannot and should not manage your own money are those people who do not hear the music.  The one true money dance is wealth building and it is the waltz of money making.  Just like the waltz has specific steps which must be flowed in a specific order so does the wealth building dance.

Regardless of your age, your occupation or the purpose for why you need or want the money, the wealth building dance is for you. Do not let anyone discourage you.  Join us on Facebook on the Make It and Keep It fan page and on the Wage to Wealth Group page.  You must register to join the Wage to Wealth Group, but you will be joining others who hear the music, are dancing the right dance and you will be able to learn and earn.

Register and join us on the Facebook Wage to Wealth Group, by joining you will be with others who hear the music, are dancing the right dance and you will be able to learn, earn and build wealth.

The best way to make money in any environment is to follow the CARDINAL RULE of MONEY and make your money work for you.

God Bless and remember…

                Prosperity is the name of the game…

                                Get started… Create Your Own Economy and

                                                     MAKE IT AND KEEP IT!!!!


By:  Louis Monsour

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