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Life Is Too Short

Life Is Too Short

Sep 15, 2015

By:  Louis Monsour

Life is too short to rely on what other people say, think, do or do not do.  If you are driven to succeed in any way shape or form you must strive to soar like an eagle and it is incredibly difficult to do that when you hang around with a bunch of turkeys.

The sad truth is that most of us cannot shake those turkeys because they include family and friends. I am not advocating abandonment of family and friends, but I am strongly urging that you control and curtail your involvement when it comes to their destructive attitudes.

In many cases the turkey in your life may be your spouse, sibling or parent.  You have a dream or an idea and they cannot see beyond their blinders and lo-and-behold they begin telling you how wrong you are and how you must keep your feet on the ground and get real.  Thank God this world had many people who were able to overcome such turkey gobble and soar to new heights and change the world.

Those types of family members require special handling.  You must continue to love them and understand their limitations in action and thought.  What you need to do is develop a strong resolve to push ahead and surround yourself with encouraging and like-minded eagles that can constantly drown the turkey gobble.

When it comes to so called friends you can simply cut ties and move on. Beware of the ones who are turkeys hiding in an eagle costume.  You know the ones, those who are all eager to help you reach your goal and who talk up a good game and offer to help only to constantly drop the ball.  You rely on them to handle this or that and you fall so far behind you can’t even see the goal you set.  One week becomes a few months and a few months become a few years.

I saw this quote somewhere, I think on Facebook…

“LIFE IS TOO SHORT to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people
who treat you right, forgive the ones who don’t and believe that everything
happens for a reason.  If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.”

The chance, if you get it, is to cut loose and fly. The change in your life will be miraculous and awe inspiring. Rely upon yourself, your dreams, and pick your mentors and companions wisely.

Just because they call themselves friends does not mean they are a good fit for your goals and dreams. Success is a journey and not a destination, so make sure you have good company along for the ride.

I have cut many ties and have limited my associations in order to move forward, however, when any one of those friends and family members calls and is in need I never think twice about being there for them.

Cutting ties for success and ending ties are two different scenarios.  Cutting ties is simply not to confide or rely upon those friends for your future success.  Make sure you give them their proper label and degree of importance for your business and future success.  You can and should keep them, but at arm’s length the same way you would keep a 3 year old from dangerous chemicals, they may not only hurt themselves, but they may hurt you as well.

Ending ties on the other hand is sometimes necessary with those friends, who are more like acquaintances and just hung around just in case they can benefit from you, but really never added to your advancement in business or personal life.

These are the people who want you to teach them your service or provide your product free of charge because they claim they can help you sell it or help you test it – there is always a line of some sort.  In my experience these types have never ever panned out and all they do is occupy your precious time which you could be spending on your success journey, your family or hanging out with true friends, even if they are business turkeys.

So do not wake up with regrets.  Wake up with forgiveness, with purpose, drive and determination and always on course to fly to new heights.

The best way to make money in any environment is to follow the CARDINAL RULE of MONEY and make your money work for you.

God Bless and remember…
                   Prosperity is the name of the game…
                                     Get started…Create Your Own Economy and
                                                                         MAKE IT AND KEEP IT!!!!


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