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A measure of rate of change in an option's theoretical value based on a change in volatility.
Fancy term for spread, Put or Call. Trader would buy and sell an option expiring at the same time and of the same type (both are Calls or both are Puts), but they have different strike prices. For example: Buy 1 MIKI 40 Call and sell 1 MIKI 45 Call. See Bullish Spread or Bearish Spread.
A measure of a stock's price fluctuation which is mathematically based. It is the annualized standard deviation of the changes in a stock's daily price. See Implied Volatility or Historical Volatility.


The person who sells (shorts) an option is called the writer.


Fictitious corporation which many teachers, articles and discussions use to illustrate a point without giving the wrong impression of recommending that a trade or investment be made in that corporation.

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